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Rug Sizing

All RugRack rugs are based on tried and proven patterns using International sizing. We are horse owners and competitors so we know some horses and ponies can be difficult to fit correctly. Therefore, when choosing a RugRack rug it is our priority that we provide products with optimal fit, comfort, and ease of movement. Our products are all custom made by us so please discuss any sizing issues you may have before ordering.

Before choosing a rug from the RugRack range, we recommend that the horse be measured from (A) the centre of the horse’s chest at the base of the neck, over the the shoulder and then to (B) the rear of the hind leg.

Rugs should be positioned well forward and fastened firmly in order to prevent the rug from slipping out of place.

This table provides a guide to the standard rug sizes for a particular horse height 

Height of Horse

Rug Size

Rug Size

9 Hands & Under
9.2 – 10 Hands
10 – 11.2 Hands
11.2 – 12 Hands
12 – 13 Hands
13 – 14 Hands
14 – 14.2 Hands
14.2 – 15 Hands
15 – 15.2 Hands
15.2 – 16 Hands
16 – 16.2 Hands
16.2 – 17 Hands
17 Hands & Over
122 cm
130 cm
137 cm
145 cm
152 cm
160 cm
168 cm
175 cm
183 cm
190 cm
198 cm
206 cm
213 cm

Fitting Rugs

We pride ourselves on the fact that our rugs fit on a huge variety of horse shapes and sizes, however even the best design available will not give the best results if it is fitted incorrectly.

  • Place the rug forward and in front of the wither.  The chest buckle should be fastened to the 1st or 2nd hole.  Any further back than this, and the horse may need a larger size.
  • Make sure the rug fits firmly around the neck and chest.  This prevents the rug from slipping to the side
  • Leg straps should be looped around each other, and loose enough to prevent chafing – but not so loose that they hang down anywhere near the horse’s hocks
  • We recommend keeping your rugs clean to prevent rubbing or chaffing. This includes washing regularly and removing any mud on paddock rugs. To maintain their appearance show rugs can be washed in a washing machine.

Hood & Sheepskin Boot Sizing

Hoods come in standard bridle sizes. For example if your pony has a small pony bridle it will take a small pony size in hoods.

Bridle Size

Hood Size

Sheepskin Boot size

Small pony
Large Hack
Small pony
Large Hack
Small pony
Large Hack

How to measure a browband

The measurements below are a general guide if you are unsure of a size. It is preferable that you measure an existing browband that fits your horse already. To measure your browband it is very important that you remove the browband from the bridle and measure it flat from end to end (including loops). Unfortunately we will not refund a browband if we have been given the wrong size. Please phone us if you need help.

Small Pony 13 inch 33cm
Pony 13.5 inch 34cm
Large Pony 14 inch 35.5cm
Small Galloway 14.5 inch 36cm
Large Galloway 15 inch 38cm
Small Hack 15.5 inch 39.5cm
Large Hack 16 inch 40.5cm